Fleet iQ360

Fleet iQ 360 is an advanced telematics system available for all forklift and industrial equipment working on both CAN and Non CAN applications, its suitable for cold store environments down to -35 C.


Fleet Focus

Fleet Focus is an Industry Leading Telematics product supplied to Linde UK and Linde Australia. It enables a four-way conversation between your Truck Fleet, your Operators, your Business and your MHE Supplier.


Digital Dashboard

The Dashboard is designed to be left running 24 hours per day displayed on a large screen / smart TV in operations and warehouse areas.. It refreshes every 5 minutes to keep you up to date with your fleet activity.


CIIQ UK is passionate about assisting businesses in creating a safe, efficient and life-enhancing environment.

Our telematics products ensure that the access to the trucks is controlled so only correctly licenced operators have access to specific trucks and that the pre op checks are completed prior to work commencing.

With our products, there isn’t any infrastructure to install onsite enabling trucks to be easily and quickly moved between sites, and with all your data being available through our intuitive websites on any web enabled device you are always in full control of your fleet and operators.




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