Digital Dashboard

The Digital Dashboard gives an overview of what is happening with your fleet during the current 24-Hour period.

The Dashboard is designed to be left running 24 hours per day displayed on a large screen / smart TV in operations and warehouse areas.. It refreshes every 5 minutes to keep you up to date with your fleet activity.

The Dashboard is broken down into five key areas.

  1. Utilisation. This shows the quantities and the different models that have been in operation in any given hour. It also shows the maximum number of Trucks available along with the average number of Trucks that have been in use at the time of viewing.
  2. Batteries Below 20%. For Electric Trucks that are connected via CAN we will display any Truck that is still in operation with a Battery that should be changed or put on charge along with the Driver who is registered.
  3. Impacts. This shows any Truck that has been involved in an Amber or Red Impact along with the Driver and the Time and Date when the Impact happened.
  4. Fleet Check. This section shows how many Completed, Incomplete or Failed Pre-Op Checks have been carried out. For Incomplete or Failed Checks, it will show the Truck and Driver along with the Date and Time of the Check.
  5. Fleet Check Completed in Under 60 Seconds. To assist you in ensuring that the Pre Op Checks are carried out correctly we will highlight any that are completed in under 60 Seconds, showing the Truck, Driver, Date and Time along with how long the Check took.

Key Benefits

  • Pre-operational safety checks for compliance and incident prevention
  • Cost reduction through impact reporting
  • Maximizing performance through operator productivity
  • Real-time 24/7 vehicle reporting

Now we can meet the needs of our audits and it helps us be more efficient

We self-insure and need to follow specific procedures to comply. CI [Collective Intelligence] was able to modify the whole system so that it would work with internal procedures. Now we can meet the needs of our (safety) audits and it helps us be more efficient.

Alasdair McPeak MARS Food Australia

Fleet iQ360

Fleet iQ 360 is an advanced telematics system available for all forklift and industrial equipment working on both CAN and Non CAN applications, its suitable for cold store environments down to -35 C.


Fleet Focus

Fleet Focus is an Industry Leading Telematics product supplied to Linde UK and Linde Australia. It enables a four-way conversation between your Truck Fleet, your Operators, your Business and your MHE Supplier.