Fleet iQ360

Fleet iQ 360 is a product designed for customers with forklift fleets of all sizes. Its reputation as a market leading technology has been driven by the advocacy of OEMs around the world.

From our discussions with customers we know that the main challenges affecting fleet managers today are cost and operational efficiency, health and safety in the workplace, and the working environment.

Fleet iQ 360 has been created as a way for large equipment manufacturers to offer their customers a way into the Industrial Internet of Things. Manufacturers can offer their customers the value of enhancing their knowledge of the interaction between their truck fleet, the operators and the working environment.

Fleet iQ 360 was designed with extensive input from OEMs to optimise forklift productivity and Health & Safety safeguards for end users of all sizes.

Fleet iQ 360 is user-friendly. It requires no customer infrastructure and can report the real-time status of an end user’s material handling equipment and its operators’ performance comprehensively, direct to PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Today Fleet iQ 360 is a market leading product in the UK and Australian material handling industry. Fleet iQ360 is a superior system for recording, compiling and presenting the information that is critical to carrying out pre-operation checks, performance and utilisation level analysis and impact incident reports; all tailored to the customer’s desired level of frequency, distribution and detail.

This fully customisable system puts customers in total command of their material handling equipment resources allowing them to achieve new standards of health and safety compliance, cost efficiency and accountability.

With Fleet iQ 360 installed decision-making processes become driven by up to the minute accurate information so that managing fleet operations, complying with safety regulations and preventing incidents has never been easier for the customer.

Key Benefits

  • Driver access control for health and safety
  • Pre-operational safety checks for compliance and incident prevention
  • Cost reduction through impact reporting
  • Maximizing performance through operator productivity
  • Real-time 24/7 vehicle reporting

We self-insure and need to follow specific procedures to comply. CI [Collective Intelligence] was able to modify the whole system so that it would work with internal procedures. Now we can meet the needs of our (safety) audits and it helps us be more efficient.

Alasdair McPeak MARS Food Australia

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Digital Dashboard

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